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In the Gallery "A View Behind - New York Style", I am giving the viewer a view behind the architectural diversity of New York’s Skyline, my fascination of the people living within these amassing structural compositions and what makes them a unique living habitat like not were else.

The following series of architectural photographs will be showing unique places made from glass, metal and concrete. A celebration of an metropolis that redefines itself since the early 1900's using modern American architecture. A view behind the facade of mirror and lights, the energy of a City that never sleeps and his living motor that will endlessly fuel the need to reinvent itself.

Many of the photographs have been made while traveling on a business trip to New York City. I couldn't wait to capture the cities energy and life pulse. My project goal was it to create one of a kind "view behind" the tourist pictures views. I wanted to show the city from a vantage point of a person who worked here and capture the WOW effect when stepping up from the subway into the landscape of history, human tragedies and endless streets of architectural dreamland. I wanted to show the magic of New York City with this everyday life, but using vantage point and compositional art to make the average seem lit up in a new uniqueness. Finding these flash points of New York's true energy was not hard to find, every corner gave the audiences a new glimmer of people and there street blocks where there work or live in. I wanted to show no picture post card images, but relay my feelings right there and then, capturing the moment of the scene you have entered without knowing what is behind the next corner - a view behind - a "come follow me to the corner and see the view behind it all" .

I found true inspiration by picture from Steven McCurry, his way to take the camera and just get the moment you just discovered. Brett Beyers architectural photographs and how he captures the humans sprit within his pictures. Selman Dogan pictures on how to photograph a city in many unique ways. Stephan Schaefer's pictures of art to show a presentation of a architectural structures as it would be an art form and my own hunger to always find a view behind.







As I am looking though the many pictures I had made on this trip, I still feel the quest of capturing the melodies of the human imagination and the drive to create a better world for generation of New York City dwellers. The photographic orientations of this gallery will never end, because the city itself and the people within, will never stop changing its faces. So take a view behind the cities skyline and let me take you though my view of the moments and the beauty of a city that shows so many unique vantage points and surprise the viewer with every new photo taken.